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Sexual violence can be prevented

We are learning more every day about what we can do to prevent sexual violence, and we need parents and caregivers to help. Maybe you found us while you were searching for information on line, or maybe a friend or family member told you to check us out. However you got here, welcome! We’re glad to have you. We hope that you find information, resources, and support to help you raise the generation that could end sexual violence for good.


This page is categorized by the age of the child you’re looking for resources to help. Once you click on an age range, you’ll be taken to a list of topics related to parenting and sexual violence prevention, specific to the age and developmental level you’ve selected.


All of the resources have been screened by the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s Prevention Team, and reflect what research and practice indicate is most likely to protect against sexual violence. If you can’t find the answers to the questions you’re looking for, or if you know of an additional resource that we should add to the site, please contact us.

Infant and Toddler
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Post-High School
Family of All Ages
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