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Post-High School: Improving Relationships

Emotional health and connectedness are crucial to preventing sexual violence. Relationships with supportive adults, especially the adults who live in the household and with particular emphasis on relationships with supportive adult males, act as an important protective factor.

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7 Harmful Ways Parents Often Wield Adultism Against Their Kids

In the aftermath of my article on children’s rights to consensual hugging, wherein I posited that no kid should be forced to hug someone when they don’t want to, there was quite a divide from readers as to whether or not I was the Devil. While some people were pleased with the article – usually on the “Yes! This was what I had to deal with as a kid!” side of things – disapproving responses to the article included “You have no right giving parental advice when you’re not a parent” and “I know what’s best for my child.”

The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

Consent is everything! Here are some helpful tips--a LOT of them-- for kids ages 1-21! Check it out...

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