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Elementary School: Healthy Sexuality

Children who grow up with a positive attitude and understanding of sex, sexuality, and their bodies are both less likely to commit sexual harm and more likely to tell someone if they have been harmed.  Because many of us did not grow up with accurate information about sexual health, or with open lines of communication about sex and sexuality with our parents, sometimes we have to educate ourselves before we’re ready to have these conversations. 

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Porn: Fact or Fiction

When you're on the internet you might end up on a website that features porn. Being curious about sex and human behavior is perfectly normal! But, you have to remember that porn features misleading messages like "bigger is better." Don't forget, porn is like many movies, it's completely made up!

The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

Consent is everything! Here are some helpful tips--a LOT of them-- for kids ages 1-21! Check it out...

Consent, for kids: Cute video aims to explain and empower

The issue of consent, often taught at the college freshman level, begins long before college, as one in four girls are sexually abused before age 18. Research has found that one of the biggest predictors of sexual assault in college is sexual assault before college. The conversation around consent needs to begin much earlier.

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