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Elementary School: Resiliency

As parents, we hope that no harm ever comes to our children. But despite our best efforts, it is impossible to keep them from witnessing or experiencing traumatic events. Resiliency is the quality that helps us all to recover from bad things, and there is a lot we know about how to increase that ability to “bounce back”. 

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How to Increase Self-Control in Children – And Why It’s So Important for Their Success

The need for self-control can feel like a tease at times and a bit of a pity, but its influence is spectacularly powerful. A landmark study conducted over three decades has found that the level of self-control children have as five-year olds, is one of the greatest predictors of their health, wealth and success as adults. Knowing how to increase self-control in children can help them on a path that sees them thrive.

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

It happens to every child in one form or another — anxiety. As parents, we would like to shield our children from life’s anxious moments, but navigating anxiety is an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come. In the heat of the moment, try these simple phrases to help your child identify, accept and work through their anxiety.

To raise brave girls, encourage adventure

Gutsy girls skateboard, climb trees, clamber around, fall down, scrape their knees, get right back up — and grow up to be brave women. Learn how to spark a little productive risk-taking and raise confident girls with stories and advice from firefighter, paraglider and all-around adventurer Caroline Paul.

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