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High School: Empathy

Empathy and concern for how one’s actions affect others is a major protective factor against sexual violence. The more we understand on every level that our actions affect others, and internalize that we should always take care to do no harm, the less likely we are to commit sexual harm, or to ignore when we see others causing harm. 

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I Shouldn't Have To Be Your Mother, Sister, Or Wife To Be Respected Online

I don’t think a woman should need to be viewed as someone’s wife or mom to be treated with decency and respect.

Young men preventing sexual assault

When it comes to crimes like rape and sexual assault, the focus is shifting from prosecution and punishment to prevention. That means finding the cause of the problem and tackling it early on.

The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

Consent is everything! Here are some helpful tips--a LOT of them-- for kids ages 1-21! Check it out...

I’m Raising Girls Who Are Includers Instead of Mean Girls

I remember walking into the cafeteria of my new school, and it was like someone punched me in the stomach. I was in sixth grade. My family had just moved from Virginia to Ohio. At first, I attended the local Catholic school. Within the first two months, I was begging my parents to go to the public school because the girls were so mean to me. And when I look back, wow, were they cruel.

What to Do When Your Child Is a Bully

No parent wants to get a call from the school principal about bullying, but what if the call isn’t about your child as the victim, but instead as the perpetrator of harassment? Your gut reaction might be to deny it—how could your sweet angel be involved in something so nasty?—but bullying isn’t a problem that anyone should ignore. So take a deep breath and commit yourself to finding out what’s going on and making whatever changes are necessary to be sure you aren’t harboring a bully at home. Here are six steps to follow.

8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

"Sex positive" is a term that has been gaining more attention in recent years. A social and philosophical response to repressed, limited, and often judgmental attitudes toward sex and sexuality, the sex positive movement emphasizes that "good sex" is defined as safe, informed, consensual, and whatever else it also is beyond those things is best left up to the people participating in the act. Find out more by reading the article. 

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