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High School: Policies

Whether you’re sending your kids off to a new daycare, a summer camp, or their first year of college, do you know what questions to ask to make sure that the school or organization is doing everything they can to prevent sexual abuse? Organizations that serve youth have a responsibility to keep them safe, and there are several important policies that should be in place.

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Empowering Questions to Ask When Visiting a College Campus

Working with a young adult to find a school that respects everyone’s bodies may seem overwhelming. One way to be proactive about preventing sexual violence and ensuring a young adult attends a school where everyone shares responsibility for ending sexual violence is by scheduling a campus visit. Asking about sexual violence awareness and prevention on campus gives you helpful information. This is useful even if the young adult will not live at school. This is useful even when attending a professional/technical school.

8 Questions For Safer Summer Sleepovers

Some in the child sexual abuse prevention field would say that eliminating sleepovers altogether is a fail-safe way of preventing abuse that might otherwise take place during a sleepover. And definitely that’s a parent or caregiver’s prerogative; we always support prioritizing child safety. But sleepovers are one of the exciting joys of childhood, and they are wonderful for building relationship skills as well.

Tip Sheet: What Parents Need To Know When Selecting A Program For Their Child

Choosing a school or program is one of the most complicated and emotional decisions you have to make as a parent. The specific activities, the schedule, the costs, how it matches your child’s needs and interest-- all these things play a part in your decision. Whether or not the school has a child sexual abuse prevention policy needs to be a consideration.

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